Monday, July 20, 2009

Self Motivated Fat Loss!!

It is now the week off from our Hi-5 FitCamp and to be completely honest, I needed the rest. Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy struck up a deal with CSUB Athletics and we now have 5 teams that have been coming in almost immediately after the morning Hi-5!

On top of that we have had 3 summer sports camps running throughout the day and I usually top it all of with another dose of Hi-5 in the evenings. So I am practically running myself through the ringer.

However, one thing I am committing to is exercising on a more regular basis. Lately its been about twice per week and although it is something, it's nowhere near enough!

So what am I saying? I'm saying I need to get my lazy butt in gear and start exercising. But how am I going to do that? I mean I just said that i'm here from dawn till about dusk. Well, the first thing I am going to do is to budget my time.

I am going to write down the things i have to do, both long term and daily goals and work towards them each day. I have this problem with wanting to complete big projects all at once, instead of taking them piece by piece.

The next thing I will do/have done is to realize that daily exercise doesn't have to be an hour long!!

The first thing I am going to do when I get home is a superset of 5 pushups and 10 squats for 5 minutes. Heck, on the squats i'll even hold my sweet little Lucy -->
for some added weight, i'll do my pushups with my feet on the couch and I am going to hold the bottom of each pushup for :05.

That is my challenge for today, and you know what? It's yours too. But if 5 minutes isn't enough time, go for 10 minutes!! Or do 5 minutes alternating pushups and squats and then 5 minutes alternating 10 lunges and 2 pull ups!! This will kick my heart rate into high gear and use at least 10 different muscle groups!

Superset 1
  • pushups
  • Squats
Superset 2
  • Lunges
  • Pullups

Let me know how many sets you did by leaving a comment on the blog!! Also, don't forget you follow my blog and get an email any time I update it!!

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