Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What does a registered dietician eat for dessert?

Hey guys,

Well I just had another great interview with Diane Campbell, RD and it is golden. She really delivered this time!!

Again, I urge you guys to make an appointment with Diane and get things dialed in.

Here is this week's interview, I hope you enjoy it!

AG: Being a nutritionist, I'm sure whenever cookies or cakes or desserts are mentioned everyone thinks you are anti-dessert (at least that is what they think of me). But what are some possible options for people to have as a tasty dessert without blowing the progress they have made?

DC: I am a firm believer that all foods can fit. I eat all kinds of different desserts but not everyday. For a sweet treat I like to eat low fat pudding, fiber one bars or chocolate meringues cookies from Trader Joes.

I also enjoy low fat ice cream but I limit myself to 1 cup. I’m not really a fan of the100 calorie snack packs. Most of them are loaded with unhealthy fats and are high in salt.Denying your self a certain food may cause a binge later. The key is to remember it is ok to havea piece of cake, just don’t eat the whole thing.

AG: In one of our previous interviews you mentioned we really need to plan our meals. Being a busy mom of 2 young kids, how to manage to find time to prepare meals and plan ahead to avoid the pitfalls of food choices made on an empty stomach?

DC: At my house, I plan the meals and my husband cooks them. It’s a sweet deal, he is a great cook. I always have staples on hand for side dishes: brown rice, whole wheat pasta, potatoes, etc. I also always have either fresh or frozen veggies. Therefore the only part of the meal I really need to plan for is the protein portion. I decide what kind of protein we will have each night. I limit red meat to once a week. We eat more chicken and fish. I don’t meal plan for lunches because it is just me and the kids.

However, usually it is trans fat free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread or grilled cheese sandwiches. Lunch is always served with a fruit and low fat milk. My recommendation is to sit down with your family and decide what you want to eat for dinner for the week. Then go shopping. If you have food waiting to be prepared at home you will be less likely to stop for pizza.

AG: In an earlier interview you also talked about the importance of breakfast. But again, some people are lost. What would an ideal breakfast on a 1500 kcal diet look like?

Breakfast Burrito
1 6” corn tortilla
1 scrambled egg
½ cup cooked shredded potato
Peppers and salsa
1 small orange
8oz glass of fat free, 1% milk or soy milk


1 cup cooked oatmeal
1 8oz glass of fat free or 1% milk
½ banana
¼ cup of almonds

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