Friday, September 25, 2009

Another month gone by...

As we close out another 4-week round of our Hi-5 FitCamp I am preparing to make a video challenge for the group. If you were around last time you'll know that last month's challenge was mighty quick, but mighty tough. So this month I am really trying to get you guys to work hard without sacrificing too much of your valuable time.

One thing that bears repeating is the fact that nutrition and eating is what allows for weight loss. So here quickly are 3 habits you must develop if you are truly committed to changing the way you look and feel.

You are committed aren't you?

1.Eat your calories
- with so many drink options out there today it is no wonder people are struggling to lose weight. A can of soda has roughly 150 calories in it and it can be finished in about 5 minutes. And they can add up quickly!! Drink water, tea or other no cal options.

2. Avoid Non-Food's
- Non-food is a term coined by Paul Chek. A non-food is any item that takes nutrition from your body rather than delivering it. For example, a soda does not provide any nutrition to your body, only sugar and calories. It takes more from your body, in vitamins and minerals to process the food, than it delivers.

3.Sleep - I understand that there are those who have irregular work hours. But there are many/most people who have normal work hours. So getting to sleep at a regular time is a matter of choice. Sleep is crucial to the health of your metabolism as well as hormone system. When you sleep certain hormones are released while sleep also helps to reduce the amount of stress hormones released into your blood which can direct your body to horde fat. Hording is a biological process your body undergoes in times of stress.

If you are not sleeping adequately (6-8) hours AT NIGHT, then you may be digging yourself into a hole. Naps are okay, but do not expect to make up a week's worth of nights of only 3 hours of sleep with a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
Take these three habits and make them a way of life, not just a diet. They will change the way you look and feel!

Be on the lookout for the Active Recovery Challenge coming early next week!!

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