Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 EoY Challenge

Well, it's the last week of 2009. It's the time when you can take a passive approach of waiting until the next year to get started on ATTACKING your fitness and weight loss goals. You can simply pass from this year into the next without much thought or reflection on how you did this past year with your goals of eating better, being more active and changing the way you view life...


You can take this last week and kick 2009 OUT WITH A BANG! You could have done miserable for all but this last week of the decade. But end it on a good note and watch your efforts snowball into 2010!

So take this last Off-Week Challenge of 2009 and OWN IT.

Here is how this will work. You only have to do twice this week, but you MUST beat your last time or effort.

First, the Novice Workout:
  1. 1:00 plank
  2. 30 modified push-ups
  3. 30 Hip Bridges
  4. :40 side plank each side
  5. 30 stick ups
  6. 30 squats
  7. 30 jumping jacks
  8. 30 snow angels (lie on your stomach and make snow angels with your arms and legs off the ground)
  9. 30 split squats (15 each)
Advanced Workout
  1. 2:00 plank
  2. 20 plyo-pushups
  3. 20 Squat jumps
  4. 1:00 side plank on each side
  5. 20 Lateral jumps (think skiing a slolam course)
  6. 30 snow angels
  7. 30 smurf jacks
  8. 15 close grip pushups/ 15 wide grip pushups
  9. 30 split jumps
After each circuit, record your time. The goal is to simply better your time. However, if you have other EFFORT goals, such as holding better posture in your plank or jumping higher during the squat jumps, or simply not being as tired following the circuit then work towards those.

After all, you WILL reach a point to where you simply cannot go faster. Although it may not be for a few years. And that is the beauty of body weight training: You can ALWAYS push harder.

One more thing, a quick reminder that we are starting our first Hi-5 FitCamp of 2010 on Monday January 4th. So be ready for that. Also, if you have FALLEN OFF THE WAGON and stopped coming, it's okay. Hop back on!! The Hi-5 FitCamp has a such a high success rate because we are a social group that is there to support each other!!

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