Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunlight and sundown

This morning as we were outside a thought came to me.

When is it "light" outside? At what point is it sunny?

For that matter, at what point is it dark? Is it after the sun goes down? But we still see sunlight after the sun sets, right?

Fitness and health has a somewhat similar relationship as the balance between light and dark.

When it is "sunny" this would be equivalent to healthy. Night or complete darkness is equivalent to being unhealthy.

When people are physically healthy it is obvious. Everything about them screams physically fit! But when they aren't physically fit, it is very obvious.

But most people are somewhere in between. They don't wake up one day and are immediately fit. It is a process that must take place. If you are "dawn" you are changing from a state of physically unfit to a state of physical fitness. You aren't there yet, but you are making progress towards pure "sunlight".

Others are moving from physical health towards being physically unhealthy. The choice is yours, and every choice you make takes you toward being physically healthy or physically unhealthy. The choice is yours.

This weekend, make healthy choices. Do not put yourself in situations where it is easier to make unhealthy choices than it is to make healthy choices. Put yourself in a position to move towards being a "sunny" body for people to see.

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