Friday, May 14, 2010

Pullups, Misery and Nutrition

This round was a pretty tough. And the group has told me that this class is much tougher now than it was 2 years ago. Which to a certain extent is good!!

The Hi-5 FitCamp is supposed to push the group! However, it does have the potential to run off some newbies. Which is kind of a bummer. But what we can do is encourage new people to come in so that they get started!! Most exercises, if not all, can be modified for a given person's ability level.

So although we have Kelly, Brad, Dave, Chris and "the Runners" doing full pullups, there are plenty of ways that others can do modified pullups, horizontal pull ups or even band rows to replicate that motion. And I KNOW it is everybody's least favorite exercise, but guess what?

Those exercises you HATE to do? Those are the ones you NEED to do. Everybody should be able to do at least 1 pull up. And that is our goal. Ruth can now do one full, military-spec chin-up and Sarah is almost there!!

Just keep working at them as you get better at the things you work at!

The workout for this off-week is simple - Take 15 minutes and do the following circuit as quickly as you can. Advanced reps are in first, moderate levels are after. I call it the Magic 300 workout!!
  1. Squat Jacks x 30/20 -do a jumping jack and when your feet move apart, squat and touch the ground
  2. Snow angels  x 30/20 - lie on your stomach and make a snow-angel
  3. Single Leg Hip Bridging x 30/20 each - lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor, lift one foot up and then push up and down with the foot still on the ground.
  4. Side plank dips x 30/20 - (side plank with hip drop and lift)
  5. Split Squats x 30/20@ - Put one foot in front of the other (see picture) >>>
  6. Pushup + Mtn. Climber x 20/12 - do a pushup then bring your right knee to your right elbow, push it back and do the same on the left, then do another pushup  See picture>>>
  7. Smurf Jacks x 40/25 - perform jumping jacks from a squatted position
Oh yeah!! That will make you sore!! Do me a favor and leave your time as a comment below. This is open to anybody even those not currently attending the Hi-5 FitCamp!!
Nutrition Tip for the Week:
If you are chronically tired and exhausted, it could be from an iron deficiency. Try the following website to see foods that are high in iron. Minerals, such as iron, are poorly absorbed. Therefore you cannot rely on one serving of a high iron food, but instead must eat foods higher in iron at each main meal. You will be surprised at how well your body does with this necessary mineral!.

Iron is necessary for hemoglobin, an oxygen carrying protein, to be manufactured. Caffeine reduces iron absorption but vitamin C improves iron absorption! Try to get iron from real food rather than a supplement as supplements are absorbed even more less efficiently than natural iron.

Have a great week!!

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