Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fill in the blank: New Years _________________.

So many of us (myself included) have set goals only to let them slip away into the depths of the "I was going to do that" memory bank.

Many of our goals only show up as cheap New Years Resolutions. But as you know, most New Years resolutions are toast before the end of the month! 

But you don't need it to be January 1st to set a goal. Heck, I think well thought out, well planned out goals set on a Wednesday afternoon are more effective than a quick "resolution" on Dec. 31st. 

So do that tonight. Set a goal for the next month. By September 4th, what is that you want for yourself? Do you want to lose 10-lbs? 15-lbs? 20-lbs? Whatever it is, write it down and place it in a clearly visible location where you spend most of your day. This way you will be reminded that YOU have a GOAL!! And nothing is going to get in your way!

Because face it, if something does get in your way of achieving that goal, was the goal really that important to you? You really have to decide if you are content with the way you look and feel right now!

Are YOU not happy with the way you feel right now? It's most likely because of one of the following: 
  • you are eating poor quality foods that sap you of energy rather than deliver it, 
  • you are not exercising (but most of you are exercising regularly in the Hi-5 FitCamp),
  • you are not sleeping enough or at the right times,
These can all be solved with proper goal setting and then putting together a plan to meet that goal. 
  • Do you eat poor quality foods at home? Solution - get them out of your house!
  • Are you not exercising regularly? Solution - the Hi-5 FitCamp meets 4 days per week
  • Are you not sleeping enough or at the right times? Solution - set an alarm to get to bed and to wake up
By writing down your goals you make it easier to remember what your goals are and you are much more likely to make choices that move you closer to achieving your goals rather than taking you away from your goals.
So set your goal, write it down and look at it every day, then take steps towards it daily!

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