Thursday, October 21, 2010

A supplement you can lose with...

Supplement makers often pass their product off as "sports nutrition." Quite frequently supplement makers put a lot of money into marketing but very little money into research. 

But there is one supplement that has an abundance of research supporting its benefits. And it's one of the easier supplements to take and in addition to that is found as a very common addition to many recipes in "Gourmet Nutrition." (A little more on that AWESOME cookbook later!)

Fish oil, or more specifically omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, has a huge amount of research on it. Much of the research outlines the benefits of fish oil as an anti-oxidant and a free-radical eater.

But research also supports fat loss as one of the benefits of omega-3 supplementation.

A 2007 article in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 6 g/day of fish oil and 45 minutes of exercise combined to decrease fat mass and that even taking fish oil alone increased lean muscle mass (important for us all attempting to increase our metabolism!).

Fish oil also serves to prevent muscle breakdown following strenuous exercise. The cardiovascular and blood lipid benefits of fish oil were an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol and a decrease in triacylglycerol as well as improving arterial compliance meaning that arteries and blood vessels were more pliable and provided less resistance to increased blood flow. This equates to lower blood pressure.

The take home here? Get yourself some fish oil and begin a supplement schedule. The study used 6 grams/day for their supplementation. However, up to 12 g/day has been found to be safe. I myself take 9 g/day to preserve muscle and improve cardiovascular health and function.

Be sure that your fish oil is from wild caught, ocean salmon, anchovy or sardine that are antibiotic and hormone free. A safe alternative to fish oil is krill oil. This can be purchased at health food stores or ordered online. When keeping fish oil, i recommend keeping it in the refrigerator so that the oils stay cold and do not denature from being at room temperature.

Keep in mind that and omega-3 supplement is not the end all to your weight loss problem. Instead it is just one piece of the puzzle. Take it in addition to altering your nutrition and eating habits. An easy way to change your dietary habits is to purchase a quality cook book that is geared towards weight loss. 

My recommendation for that is "Gourmet Nutrition." Gourmet Nutrition is the "Cook book for the fit food lover" and it is terrific. I have a copy and 29 other people in our Hi-5 FitCamp have purchased one, including both of our physical therapists! 

Gourmet Nutrition is a cook book that gives you the tools to wage your war on fat! Why would you not want that weapon? Now the list price from Amazon for Gourmet Nutrition is $39.90. I looked into shipping and it was $7 for shipping. So if you buy it from Amazon, you're looking at spending $47 for this book. 

However, we will be making another bulk order within the next week and when purchased as a part of our group, your price drops to $35 shipping included.

If you'd like to order this "secret weapon" in the fat loss battle, send me an email at I will be placing the order next Wednesday so let me know ASAP!!

Here's to your health!

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