Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The 1 common thing to ALL successful fat loss plans!

How many times do we have to repeatedly fail at something before we figure out that another strategy is needed?

Nobody jumps to the top of Mt. Everest.
When people attempt to lose weight, they often set overly ambitious goals and fail miserably. How long does this have to happen before they realize that maybe overly ambitious goals don't work?

Think back in your life, when have you attempted to work out everyday for 2 months to get in shape for summer? How often have you had a really good day of eating and then be overcome by horror when you say, "I only have to do this EVERY day for the rest of my life!"

How intimidating is that!

Well over the time that I have been fitness specialist I have seen hundreds of people set goals that even the most disciplined of people could not follow! And instead of backing off some of their goals and proceeding with others, they simply give up on everything. 

This all or nothing mentality is not beneficial at all! The truth is that progress is most consistent when small changes are gradually introduced. The example we see most often is that of nutrition. 

On Thursday everyone attending the Hi-5 FitCamp is going to receive a hand-out titled "10 Steps to Change the Way You Look and Feel." These are basically the 10 habits that we want to develop to burn fat and maintain a lean, healthy body. However, when you receive this I don't want you to look at it and attach all 10 habits. 

Instead, pick 1 that you are most confident you can complete for 2 weeks. Unless you are 90% sure you can complete the task, do NOT start to build the habit. You do not have to go in order. Simply pick the one you feel is the easiest and then start working towards it. Then in 2 weeks, simply pick another. Continue until you have changed the way you eat, live, move and sleep.

Remember, an elephant can only be eaten 1 bite at a time, and a mile is only walked 1 step at a time.

Also, don't forget that this weekend, March 26th we will be hosting a nutrition workshop titled "Eating Healthy While Dining Out" presented by Diane Campbell, RD.

The workshop is from 9-11am and is open to everybody. So bring your friends, bring your family and learn how to develop healthy habits while dining out!

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