Friday, October 7, 2011

Are you an Outlaw??

Outlaw lifting

Their is a wave of the future and it's called "Functional Training." Functional training involves using exercises that transfer to activities of daily living and use body systems that are common to everyday activity. Some of the basic tools of "functional" training are balance devices such as foam pads and BOSU balls, resistance bands and stability balls.

But sometimes, you just need to lift heavy. But these days it seems every trainer on the block is focused more on "functional exercises" rather than simply getting stronger. I don't say getting stronger at the cost of poor form, but many people are afraid of basic lifting simply because they think it causes injury. But instead what happens is that our bodies are so de-tuned and dysfunctional that we physically CAN'T do the lifts without getting hurt. So it's not that the exercisee themselves are bad, but that we are so out of shape, that in its current state of fitness, most human bodies can't HANDLE the work.

Now because of this, many exercises have been deemed unsafe and have been thrown into the scrap yard of exercises. And these used to be THE basis of exercise!! Think about it: squats, dips, overhead presses...people SHOULD be able to do these...but they are so out of shape that they can't. So the next time an injury occurs, think about the user before we blame the exercise.

In the Hi-5 FitCamp, we blend functional exercise and "outlaw" exercises. Why just this morning we did functional exercises such as slideboard hamstring curls and cable lifts, but also did a few "outlaw" exercises such as front squats and bench press. Just wait until tomorrow when we do... (GASP) HANG CLEAN + OVERHEAD PRESS!!!

Here is a quick video that I think you guys will like about an "OUTLAW" and his exercises...

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