Thursday, March 20, 2014

When it feels like you can't do anything right...

It's common for people to get a bit stagnant when it comes to making changes to improve their body. It happens to everybody. Even me.

In fact, life has recently begun to overwhelm me. I'm struggling (read: failing to properly prepare) to eat enough calories to continue gaining muscle.

I've also began to slack on my multivitamin. It seems the only two habits i've still got going for me are my fruit/veggie intake (at least 1 serving per meal, 3 of each every day) and eating whole grains only.

But we have to look at the bright side, the positives. Focus on what you are doing right! Even if you've only done it once.

For example, let's look at when you go out to eat. Let's say you actually eat the veggies that come with your meal. Sure you had a basket of bread, dessert  and all of your mashed potatoes. If you ate your veggies, mark one in the win column!

Let's say you make a recipe from Gourmet Nutrition, perhaps it's the coconut cauliflower mash (which by the way is awesome!). You make it, you eat it. Guess what?  Victory! Give yourself a high five. The rest of the day could have been a nutritional disaster.But that one success is all you need for a kick start.

It's like golf. I'm not awful at golf. But pretty close. After shooting a 103, I would get home and the only thing i'm talking about is the sweet fairway iron shot that rolled within 4-ft of the pin on the 13th hole. Do I focus on the fact that I managed to lose 6 golf balls? Nope. Focus on what I did right on that shot and lets apply it next time I'm out on the course.

It's called "find the bright spots" and it's a component of success. Nobody likes to hear what they did wrong. Maybe eventually we can start to look at what went wrong, but 90% of the time.... 

Wait I just had a revelation: this is probably what my daughter needs from me - catch her doing things right, focus on what she can do instead of telling her what she shouldn't do...

Okay. Back to my thought. 90% of the time focusing on what went wrong is not very beneficial and when it comes to weight loss, it's quite discouraging.

When you're focused on losing weight, think about what you did right and then apply that same skill to another habit.

If my habit is to eat less, well how did I go about that? Did I use a smaller plate? Did I put less on my plate to start? Did I leave a little extra on the plate? Did I slow down my eating? However I did it, there was a reason I was successful. There was some action that I took to make it happen.

Now think about yourself, your habits. What did you do that helped you stick to that habit? Look. You can do this. You were made to be the person that is happy, healthy and full of life. Thinking about how much you do wrong is not the way to become that person.
Need help working on your eating habits? Check out the Precision Nutrition System. I just ordered a copy for our office and will be creating a curriculum from the information in the binder. Want us to coach you through the PN system? Email me at and we'll get started ASAP!

Oh, and the favor? I'm going to be doing more presentations and workshops this year. So I'd like to hear about your thoughts and opinions on nutrition, exercise and health. This is a short 10-question surveyand it would be a huge help to me if you could fill it out! Thank you in advance!

Have a great week!

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