Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't get what you've always gotten.

Many of the things we want in life require us to take the lead and be proactive. This is probably what led you to our Hi-5 FitCamp. However, when things don't work out the way we planned we are a bit hesitant to take accountability for the results. As they say, "if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

So here are 5 things you can do to make sure you get the most out of the next 4 weeks

1.Let somebody know about your goals. If you don't tell anybody, it won't really matter if you fail, because you'll be the only one who knows. However, if you tell somebody such as a spouse or good friend about your goals, they will be there to hold you accountable and ask about your progress.

2.Take inventory of your priorities.
Knowing what is important to you is something that not everybody is clear on. Priorities might change from week to week, but by knowing your priorities and what you are and are not willing to sacrifice to me
et priorities it makes it much easier to stay focused. Planning helps to stay focused. And as they say, "Luck favors the prepared!"

3.Plan your meals.
Diane has mentioned this in a couple of her interviews, but planning your meals is a huge part to changing the way you eat, and subsequently the way you look! Plan a menu for each meal so you know what you are going to eat and what time you are going to eat it. Sit down on a weekend and plan for the week. It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour but it will save headaches and take you towa
rds success.

4.Understand failure.
When our plans don't go accordingly, we us
ually like to point the finger at something else. When you make a habit out of this, you are no longer in control of your actions. Instead, when your plans do not go accordingly look at your actions and ask yourself what YOU could have done differently to prevent the lack of success

5.Get back on the wagon.
Just because you miss one day or one meal doesn't mean you have to give up on everything. So what? You missed a meal or an exercise. Understand why you missed it and then get back on track. Social support can reall
y help in this department. Also realize that the longer you stick with the program, the easier it is to keep going. Most people stop coming to class within the first 3 weeks. If you can make it past the 3rd week, your drive to success becomes much stronger.

We all want success in our fitness efforts. We all want them to pay off. Some will happen faster than others. But change in our health is a result of a lifestyle change, not just some fad diet or exercise program. A change in your lifestyle should not be a temporary concept. But a permanent alteration in behavior.

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