Thursday, August 13, 2009


When I read this I was pissed. Not because what the article was saying wasn't partially true, but because he effectively demonized something we all know to be true...Exercise, movement, fitness.

An article in the most recent issue of time magazine really chapped my hide. The author, who shall remain nameless as not to promote him, essentially wrote that exercise is possible making us fat, that it continues to make us fatter and that it may not have any effect on us losing weight and is actually causing us to gain weight.

Exercise, and for that matter health in general, is something that I am passionate about. So when somebody pulls up a study saying that people on an exercise program did not lose any more weight than a control group my ears perked and my eyes lit into attack mode.

This author has the intestinal fortitude to suggest that it is actually the fault of exercise for making our country overweight and unable to fit into our jeans. The article suggests that after we workout, we feel compelled to eat more as a reward.

So now you guys realize you can stop coming to class because I am making you all worse and taking you further from your health goals and needs.

I realize, and have told the group many times, that nutrition and eating habits are probably 60-70% of the weight loss equation. But this article essentially says to stop intentionally exercising because it is making you hungry and you will go out and eat even more. The author can say it is backed by research, but the details of this research methods are barely touched on.

Instead the author suggests that we would be better of "sitting on the couch knitting..." rather than going out and getting some scheduled activity. Again, his main point being that exercise induces an increased appetite and sense of compensatory eating.

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