Friday, December 11, 2009

The worst part of the year...

Right now we are smack in the middle, and coming up to the peak, of the worst part of the year for nutrition. Chocolate, cookies, chocolate cookies, cakes, and other sugary snacks are everywhere. Because they are there we tend to eat them. And I do mean WE. The other day I polished off about 10 Hershey's kisses in about 4 minutes. I really couldn't stop. But I digress.

With so many treats around it truly becomes a test of will power and your desire to see change. But we can't just say "oh, its only for the holiday's." Why?

Because if we always took that approach, we would find a reason. If that approach was taken at the beginning of the year our reasoning would be "well I have the rest of the year to change my eating habits." Do you see how things can really snowball?

So what can you do this season? Here are 4 things to do to make sure you don't leave the Christmas party feeling bloated and guilty.
  1. Drink lots...of water before going to the party. Although the food will be tempting, but a full stomach will help to deter you from eating all the sugary snacks.
  2. Pillage the vegetable tray. Sure you can have a little bit of dip, just don't go overboard.
  3. Survey the dessert section before putting anything on your plate, then pick one thing that you think you just HAVE to try. If you work down the "buffet" putting everything on your plate that looks good, at the end you'll have a mountain of sweets that will fill you up and you'll end up going home bloated and depressed!
  4. Set an alarm on your phone that will go off in the middle of the party and have it read "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!" This will be your gentle reminder from yourself and ME.
So take these 4 tips with you and arm your self with these tactics to prevent poor eating and remorse the next day!!

NOTE: In January we will be having a nutrition seminar presented by Diane Campbell, RD. So for all of you who keep saying, "I want to make an appointment with Diane" but keep putting it off, this is the time to really GAIN A TON of knowledge about your eating habits and how to make 2010 the year your goals are met!!

It will be either January 9th or January 23rd. You will get emails letting you know exactly when. I know I will be there! I hope you can make it to.

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