Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you eating like a 300-lb lineman?

As I was watching football this past weekend, I noticed how big the offensive lineman were. At some point a reference was made to how much these athletes need to eat to maintain their girth and weight.

And it dawned on me that many times we eat like the person we are, not like the person we want to be. Now I'm not saying we all need to run to our refrigerators and throw everything away except for carrots, lettuce and cabbage to look like a runway model.

But when estimating how many calories we need, do we base it off of our current weight, or the weight we want to be? This goes both ways. If we want to lose weight (fat) or gain weight (muscle), we need to take in the appropriate amount of calories.

For example, if a person currently weighs 160 pounds and has a final goal of weighing 130, then the person needs to tune their diet to that of someone who weighs 130 pounds. According to, a 45-year old woman who is 5'5" needs 1900 calories a day to stay where she is at. A woman of the same age and height but weighs 130 pounds needs only 1700 calories a day.

The next step is figuring out a meal plan for staying within these caloric requirements. That is confusing and can be a headache!!

But wait... there is a solution. Diane Campbell has set-up meal plans based on caloric needs. If you need only 1500 calories a day, she has a meal plan for that. Need 1200? She's got one for that. need 2400? She's got one for that.

So how about getting yourself or someone you care about, a nutritional consultation for Christmas? Start them off this year on the right foot. Let them know you support them and YOU want them to succeed!! Click on Diane's picture to get her contact information. Trust me, this is one of the best things you can do for yours or a loved ones health!!

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