Monday, February 8, 2010

Do your eating habits match your exercise habits?

Granted most of the group is doing well and changing their eating habits. As a result we are losing weight and getting MUCH stronger. The changes you made in your eating habits to lose weight 10 weeks ago at the beginning of December will not yield the same results now as they did then.

As a result, you're going to have to modify your caloric intake if you want to keep losing fat. Just keep in mind that whatever your goal weight, your caloric intake must be enough to maintain that weight.

So here are 2 things you need to remember when putting together a weekly menu (YOU are doing that, aren't you?):
  1. Make sure you are not dooming yourself on the weekends! On the days you exercise, you will need a few more calories. Not much, but about a 5% increase from your total is good. Likewise on the days you don't exercise, you need to decrease your caloric intake by about 5-10%.
  2. The time at which you eat is important. Eating late at night is not a good idea because you don't need that much energy later in the day. Instead, make breakfast and lunch your largest meals. These are the times you NEED energy to sustain work performance and mental clarity. At night when your body is about to be restored, you need quality foods, not quantity. A protein (chicken) vegetable (asparagus) a whole grain (basmati rice) and then fruit for desert (strawberry/blueberry mix).
Remember that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. This means too many calories as well as not enough.

If you don't know how many calories you need then head over to and FIND OUT!! You won't know how many to eat to lose weight if you don't know how many you need to keep your weight!

Enjoy your day and get ready for another blasting tomorrow!!

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