Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are you killing your kids?

Last night I got the privilege to watch a TV show featuring a famous British chef. His name is Jamie Oliver.

The show is called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and it was amazing. I was hooked!! The premise is that Jamie is trying to change the way that American's, more specifically American kids, eat. So he started in the town of Huntington, West Virginia.

Why there?

Huntington has the highest mortality rate, the highest rate of obesity and the highest childhood obesity rates. So last night I watched the first episode and it was amazing.

  • It was AMAZING how RESISTANT people are to changing the way they eat.
  • It was AMAZING that kids in the elementary school were eating pizza for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch and the chicken nuggets again for dinner!!
  • It was AMAZING how the school cooks did not want to change the way they made things.
  • It was AMAZING how the USDA food nutritional standards were met by day old frozen pizza, but not by brown rice!!!
  • It was AMAZING how the family whose house he invaded were eating golden fried food every night for dinner.
So what I want you guys to do either tonight or tomorrow night is to watch this first episode of Jame Oliver's Food Revolution on your computer. (Click on the link to go to the video.)

Yes, that's right...I want you to WATCH TV!!!

And here is a short recovery circuit because I know your legs have got to be sore.
  1. Single Leg forward reach (Hamstring stretch) x 10 @
  2. Arms overhead squat x 15
  3. Plank x 1:00
  4. Single Leg Hip Bridge x 15 @
  5. Push Up + Deep Lunge Stretch x 12
  6. Snow Angels x 15 (Lie on your stomach and make a snow angel with your arms and legs off the ground)
  7. Glute Stretch x 10 @ (Lie flat on your back, put your right ankle on your left knee, put each hand on its respective knee and pull both back towards your chest. Hold for :02, the switch)
Have a Hugely HEALTHY day!!

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