Friday, April 9, 2010

Off -Week Circuit Training for Men

Hey guys this week is the chance to show yourself what you've been learning as well as the dedication it takes to maintain your fitness. Face it. We aren't getting any younger and the world is trying to make sure you know it. So lets fight back and build some muscle!!

Below is a circuit that I want you to do twice this next week.Get up, not at 5am, but get up around 6 or 6:15 and do this 20 minute program out of Core Performance, the book you see to the left.

A little personal note, from Dec. 19th - Feb 7th I was doing the program in this book. It was 6 days a week, but only 2 days a week were actual strength workouts, 2 days were recovery and reactive/plyometrics, while the other 2 days were intervals I did on the treadmill.

Through a reduced calorie diet (2500-3000 calories) I went from 193 to 185 lbs. But the best part was how I felt and how I looked. I was getting pretty lean. But I was also getting stronger. I highly recommend this book to you. Why?

Because someday, you won't have a trainer. But you'll still need a program. If you had to choose 1 book, I'd go with this one. It contains total fitness and practical nutrition. (You can take a look at it in my office bookshelf if you'd like). On to the circuit!!

Circuit A x  2 - no rest; @ = each side
Single Leg Hip Bridge x 12 @
Plank + forward reach x 12 @
Side plank w/ top leg lift x 12 @
Rest 1:00
Circuit B - no rest x3
Pushup w/ alternating leg lift x 8
Rear foot elevated split squat x 8 @ (put your rear foot up on a chair or the couch)
Shoulder Y, T, W x 6 @ (lie on your stomach with your head down and make these letters with your arms)
Rest 1:00
Circuit C x 2 - Rest :30 between exercises
Squat jump x 5
Lateral bound x 3 @ (balance on 1 leg, jump sideways land on the other leg and balance)
Fast Side to side jump x 6
Side Tuck Jump x 8 (from pushup position, jump your feet forward to the side then back)

Be sure to stretch your hamstrings!!

I want to hear how it went!! Do this circuit twice on your off week!!

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