Friday, April 9, 2010

Off-Week Training for Women of the Hi-5 FitCamp

As we come to the end of another 4-week session of the Hi-5 FitCamp, I have realized that this round has probably been one of the toughest we have ever gone through. We have altered how we set up our exercises so that we now work for up to 8 minutes straight with no rest!
At that point your body is using up all those calories as well as building muscle that will help to increase your resting caloric use. Remember, fat burns in the flame of muscle!!

But with the off week coming up, I want you to use this week to use what you have learned and reinforce the habits you have created. You are used to getting up and exercising 4 days a week. Now I want you to get up twice a week and do the following:

Women: Get up, not at 5 am, but perhaps at 5:45, or 6 and do this quick 20 minute workout that I stole from Rachel Cosgrove, author of the Female Body Breakthrough. that you see to your left. I met her and her husband at a recent conference and actually went through one of their workouts. One word: Fun...and exhausting...but Fun.

              Circuit A x 2 - no rest; @ = each side
Single Leg Hip Bridges x 10@
Side plank + top leg lift x 10 @
Single Leg Deadlift x 12 @
Rest :30
              Circuit B x 2 - no rest
Pushup + Mtn. Climber x 12 (do a full pushup, and between each pushup do a set of MC's)
Squat + Single Leg Balance at top x 12
Step Back Lunge + Rotate towards forward knee x 10 @
Rest 1:00
              Circuit C x 2 - no rest
Squat Jacks x 15 (squat with wide feet, then hop feet together and quickly back out for another squat)
Tuck Jumps x 15 (from the pushup position, hop feet forward and then kick back)
Side to Side Jumps x 16


I'm going to ask you how the circuit went the following Monday. So have an answer! You guys can do this!

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