Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bad News

So I've got some bad news for everybody. And I suppose I should have come out with this when you first started the program. And I thought I did. But perhaps I just wasn't direct enough.

I've said it in a "round about" way when I said you have to change the way you eat.

I've said it in a "not-so round about" way when I said that you CAN'T out-train a bad diet.

But now I'm just going to say it -

Exercise alone does not work for fat loss.

A study at the University of Texas took 2 groups. One group exercised for about 5 hours per week for 12 weeks. The other group didn't change their exercise habits. Also, both groups were told to maintain their dietary habits, which data at the end of the study did confirm.

Obviously the group that didn't exercise or change their eating habits did not see a change in body weight or fat. But what was really interesting was that the group that DID exercise lost only 1.5 lbs of fat over the course of  6 weeks. 1.5-lbs of fat, THAT'S IT!!!

Exercise has many, MANY benefits: Increased strength, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, reduced risk of non-contact injury, decreased risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. But for FAT LOSS, it doesn't work.

Yes there are other studies that show perhaps a statistically significant but still very small weight loss due to exercise alone. But from a practical standpoint, YOUR EATING HABITS WILL DICTATE YOUR FAT LOSS SUCCESS!

The Hi-5 FitCamp is designed to elevate your metabolism by increasing muscle mass and increasing your post-exercise resting metabolism. Heck some of you may be burning  But if you have a poor diet, you will quickly "out-eat" any calorie deficit you may obtain from an increased metabolism.

Everybody in the Hi-5 FitCamp is getting stronger. 

Everybody is getting in better cardiovascular condition. 

Everybody can do more pushups, pullups, squats, and has a better heart rate recovery. 

But most struggle to lose weight. Why?

Eating habits. I'll post tomorrow with some simple breakfast meals that meet a specific calorie need for 4 different groups, each with a different calorie need. So tune in tomorrow!

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