Friday, July 9, 2010

Ins and Outs

Understanding what to eat and when to eat it is a very complex thing. But here is a basic premise to run with: eat enough of the RIGHT stuff to fuel exercise and support muscle. But don't eat so much that you are feeding your fat stores.

How you do this is basically by limiting your intake of carbohydrates in the form of grains/breads/pasta to the days and times near your workouts. So on days that you do not workout, there should only be 1 meal that contains grains. On these days your carbohydrates should come from fruits and vegetables.

You see most grain products are very easy to eat: pasta, bread, chips, not to mention all the sweet stuff like cakes and cookies. By minimizing or eliminating grains you can really, REALLY cut back on your calories.
But here is the catch:
YOU MUST EAT A LOT OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES to replace some of the calories you are taking out of your diet. Remember that fruits and veggies are usually lower in calories than most grain products.

So here is the quick and simple point of this post: Eat 4 pieces of fruit per day, and 4 servings of vegetables per day. At this rate you will be getting 8 servings of fruit and vegetables AND by eating so much fruit and vegetables, you won't have the stomach room or the time to eat most of the foods that are higher in calories.

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