Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to the basics

Fat loss isn't sexy. It really isn't. I can boil it down to two basic concepts for you, and if you apply them you'll lose fat.
  1. Make healthy food choices
  2. When you workout, work as hard as you can.
Granted these two things are INCREDIBLY understated, but they remain the two parts to fat loss.

We have lots of toys that we use for Hi-5 FitCamp. We've got ropes, we've got cable machines, we've got medicine balls, we've got resistance bands and on top of that we've got plenty of dumbbells and olympic weights in our facility.

But what about when we get outside? Do we freak out because we don't have the stuff we "need"? No. We just use our body weight. 

It's fun to have all that equipment, but in reality I can kick your butt just as well with only a grass hill. To prove my point, here is a quick little 20 minute workout that you can do this weekend!

Work in super-sets, doing exercise 1A followed by 1B then rest for :60, repeat 3 times then move to 2A-2B, etc.

Mountain Climbers
1A. Cross body mountain climbers x 20
1B. Single Leg Hip Bridges x 15 each leg

2A. Jumping Jacks x 40
2B. Lunge up the hill (8 steps each leg)

3A. Push-up + 2 mountain climbers x 10
3B. Side to side Shuffle (shuffle left 3 times, then shuffle right 3 times) x 6

There you go. 

Now the nutrition is where most of us really struggle. Some of us are eating too much, others aren't eating enough. So how do we determine if we are eating enough? Well you have to know first how many calories your body needs.

So your first task is to go to and get an estimate of how many calories you need. Now this estimate just goes off of height, weight and sex. But what also needs to be included is how much of your body weight is fat. So if you are aiming to lose weight, I recommend using a number for your weight that is 10-lbs under your current weight. This will put you in a calorie deficit and get things moving in the right direction.

The next thing is to make better food choices. How are we to do this? Educate yourself about what you are eating. it seems everybody has a smart phone these days. So download an application that will tell you how many calories are in that "healthy" buffalo chicken salad.

it's not rocket science. We aren't putting a man on the moon here. Here is an example for you: my dad is 52. Last year he lost 20 lbs in a month without exercise. I said, "dad, how did you do it?" He says, "I ate half of everything put in front of me.

Make better choices, eat less. Pretty simple.

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