Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creating a POSITIVE habit

If we look at our life, we see for most of us it runs best when we have a routine. Our day is for the most part predictable, we know where we'll be at 2pm, we like to know what time we'll be leaving work, we like to know what time we can expect dinner and we like to know whats coming ahead in the next day, week and month. 

But for some reason we begin to get frustrated about our lack of success when it comes to fat loss. Looking at the other things in our life we like predictability and we succeed with predictability, plans and schedules.

So why is it when somebody says, "to lose fat you have to plan your meals," that we get all bent out of shape because its TOO orderly and regimented, and only obsessive people will plan their meals and track their food intake.

The thing is, we like order. We like that when we go to Starbucks we know what we are getting when we order our venti mocha latte half cream with a shot of espresso, what ever that is. The truth is that we need to have habits to make our day productive. So that is what I want you to do this month. Start a new habit.

Here are 4 steps to starting a good habit:
  • Be realistic. If your habit is to eat 9 pieces of fruit a day, that's most likely not going to happen and you'll end up frustrated and unmotivated.
  • Make it easy. A habit of exercising everyday is not easy. And you'll quickly burnout. But a habit of taking an Omega-3 fish oil supplement is pretty easy. It takes 5 seconds and you're done with it. So make it an easy habit, but make sure it's a productive habit. A habit for the sake of a habit is a BAD habit!
  • Set the time. If you're going to start a habit, make sure you set the time and set a reminder for that habit. If it's fruit and yogurt in the afternoon, be as specific as possible and say fruit and yogurt at 2:53 pm. 
  • Acknowledge your success in developing a good habit!! Tell everybody about your good habit and tell them about the effects! So you made it through your first dinner without grains?? Made it through the first week? Tell somebody about it!
It is also a good idea to write down the habits you know are destructive to your fat loss goals. Keep it with you and find ways to either eliminate those habits/excuses and be successful!

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