Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living the "Life"

You've got a lot of time away from us.
How many hours do we meet per week in the Hi-5 FitCamp? 

4 hours per week.

How many hours are available in a week?


How many hours are left for you to manage on your own away from the Hi-5 FitCamp?

164. That's a lot of time. 

How you prioritize your time outside of exercise is going to have a much greater effect on how successful you are in changing your health. So how do you really make a significant change in your health? 

You live "the Life." You live like a healthy person lives. You know those "freaks" who are all "granola" and "uber-healthy"? You need to become one of them. Your concern for your health needs to be present in every aspect of your life.

Eat, drink, sleep, think, speak, breath, move and ooze it.
You need to eat, sleep, drink, think, breath, speak, work, move and ooze health. Am I saying you need to drop everything you do and "hit the gym"? No. You and I both know that there are plenty of gym addicts out there who don't sleep enough, eat horribly, hang around with unhealthy people and make lifestyle choices that are not conducive to looking, feeling and being your best.

So how do you live "the Life"?

Its really pretty simple. You keep your health at the front of your mind. Think about what you're going to eat the next day, think about your schedule and how to make healthy choices and build your day around a healthy lifestyle. 

For some of us, this may be a MASSIVE undertaking because we are so entrenched in our current routine. But as we saw at the top, exercising for 4 hours a week is not going to undue a 164 hours of poor food choices, poor sleep habits, mismanagement of food and a sedentary job.

Social support is the key to fitness success!
It can be difficult to keep that mentality as the day wears on. So what I am currently doing is setting up a forum for the Hi-5 FitCamp. The forum is there for us to offer support, encouragement, ask questions and pretty much be our "Bear (crawl) Cave." 

Social support is actually the NUMBER 1 FACTOR in success of a fitness program. Our "Bear Cave" will be here to provide that support, which will be crucial during the holidays!

When it gets up and going I will be sending out an email so be on the lookout!

Also, I wanted to add that this morning's workout, as well as the week's workouts have been AWESOME! You guys have really stepped up to the challenge this time and I am looking forward to see you guys continue to change the way you look, feel, move and live!

Have a great weekend and be sure to stay active (even if it means going to Dick's Sporting Goods and burning up the Golf Simulator!).

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Robingymfreak said...

I want to thank Emma for her encouragement yesterday during testing, and I'm inspired by her strength in pushing herself to do one more than she had planned on doing. I think the bear cave is a great idea!

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