Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its how you feel AFTER you eat...

If there is one thing that Thanksgiving is associated with, its stuffing your face and then slipping into a food coma. That and maybe football.

But more importantly, its the food. And for some reason people tend to lose all inhibitions during Thanksgiving and go absolutely ballistic with their food intake, more specifically their carbohydrate intake.

As I've mentioned in the past, carbohydrate intake (especially refined carbohydrates) are associated with high body mass and body fat levels. Refined carbohydrates (those that appear in sugary treats and white bread, pasta, and cereals), have a strong insulin response and unless you get out and use those carbohydrates up, you'd better be prepared for a little extra padding on your hips.

Now with all that being said. If you follow a good diet:
  • Eating 4-6 meals a day
  • Eating protein and fruits/veggies with each meal
  • Drink lots of water 
  • Eat grains ONLY in the morning or AFTER exercise
Then you can go ahead and have a great meal and enjoy it. Then the next day hop back on your plan.
Here is the thing I have noticed: People who have a good diet that follows the 4 rules above, will not feel guilty about indulging on Thanksgiving. In contrast it's the people who have horrific eating habits who are ALWAYS feel guilty and miserable after Thanksgiving. 

You have to change your mindset with food. Those that are most successful at changing their body and improving their health repeat over and over that they changed the way they look at food. Change your mindset to that of a healthy person and success will quickly follow.

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