Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reasons for fitness

When engaging in a fitness program you have to ask yourself what exactly you want to be "fit" for. Do you want to be fit for show (i.e. looking good) or fit for go (i.e. performing better)?

This past week my family and I were in Queen Creek, Arizona with my brother and his family, my dad and one of my sisters. One of the things we all look forward to during these get-togethers is playing some touch football and some random baseball games, in addition to the usual trip to the golf range.

Brothers and Baseball, not much better than that!
This weekend during the baseball activities it was only myself, my twin brother and my 10-year old nephew. So basically it was batting practice while the third person was out shagging fly balls and rounding up the ones that got by him.

It was so much fun to pretend to be a major league outfielder and go full sprint after a fly ball and make a great catch. The subsequent "OHHHHH!!" that came from the 3 of us after the catch would make anybody there smile. It was a moment of boys being boys and my brother and I being 10 years old again.

The great thing about this was the fact that none of us woke up the next day feeling like we'd been hit by a truck. Of course nobody expected my nephew to be sore, but when neither my brother nor I were sore the next day, it was a slight surprise for us. Neither of us are pro baseball players and neither of us routinely swing a 3-lb wood bat as hard as we can, or chuck a baseball 200 feet for hours on end.

But it was at this time when I realized that although I enjoy the aesthetic effects of strength training, but more importantly I value the functional benefits of the type of exercise I do. I enjoy being able to play baseball, golf, football, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc. without straining muscles, spraining joints or waking up feeling like I was mugged.

The Hi-5 FitCamp does just this for its members. Enjoy the things you like to do and enjoy them even more when you're body is capable of it.

So in this season of life as well as the year, I want you to think about the reasons you exercise. Then I want you to ask yourself if you are taking advantage of the physical abilities that your training program provides. Do you get out and use the ability you have developed? 

Your enjoyment of fitness will show up in other aspects too!
Those who do pursue recreational activities outside of exercise will enjoy their fitness programs even more because they know that the things they do during their training will make their recreational activities even more enjoyable! 

It doesn't have to be a sport that you play, but perhaps you enjoy cooking. The physical fitness you develop is more encouragement to put together your own healthy and tasty recipes. Perhaps you'll develop enough to write your own cookbook!

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