Monday, March 7, 2011

Recovery Workout For March 7th

Alright guys and gals...

We've wrapped up the 2nd round of the Hi-5 FitCamp for 2011. This past round was quite brutal as was the first. I have to give credit to everybody who has been busting their butt this year because these workouts have been pushing harder than we've EVER pushed.

So during this recovery week I wanted to give you something that would help recover as well as ease some of the strain from your aching shoulders (we did A LOT of pushups this past month!)

So here is this month's Recovery Workout

Do each exercise for :20 seconds, then rest for :20. Rest for 1:00 and repeat.
SL Squats are great for the glutes!!
  1. Lunges
  2. Stickups
  3. Smurf jacks
  4. Scarecrows (hold your elbows out to the side and bent 90 degrees, then rotate your arms all the way up, then all the way down)
  5. Single leg squats(right leg)
  6. Stickups
  7. Single leg squats (left leg)
  8. Scarecrows
  9. Split Jumps
  10. Stickups
Enjoy it and be prepared for a new workout that's got some classic flavor as well as some new exercises that you'll love!

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