Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcoming Hi-5 Fitcamp...and an upcoming event.

Hey gang,

The a new round of the Hi-5 FitCamp is coming on Monday morning! Keep telling your friends and family that summer is right around the corner and waiting till May to start shaping up is too late!!
Also remember that this weekend is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS and we SPRING FORWARD 1 hour. Which means it will be dark once again when we get to class in the morning.
As for what to expect this round of the Hi-5 FitCamp, well we are going to have a couple more brute strength type of exercises that women should NOT BE AFRAID OF. Remember what was said about pullups. "They aren't LADY-LIKE" or "I don't want to get BULKY!"

Trust me, you won't get bulky. But by doing some heavy lifts you will - 
  • Increase your resting metabolism
  • Burn more fat
  • Be more resistant to injury
  • Give you the "toned" look all women want
  • and...
Wait... Lets go back to that concept of "toning" and really slap it up side the head.

Toning is a word that gets MIS-used all the time. Every woman and most men want it, but what exactly is it?

If I ask somebody what their goals are and they say to get toned, what exactly are the asking for? Often times I get the answer of, "well a little less fat, a little more muscle. You know...toned!"

I bet she does pull-ups and squats every now and then.
So what is muscle tone? Muscle tone is simply an increase in resting tension levels within a muscle. So how do you increase muscle tone? Easy. 

Add more muscle. In other words, toning IS bulking up, just in more "female-friendly" words. And to really bulk up, a person must eat. A LOT. So what happens if you start gaining TOO MUCH muscle? 

First off, the odds of that happening are slim-to-none. But if it DID happen, how would we combat it?

Stop eating so much. Remember, the body can only rebuild if it has sufficient materials. Stop giving it the appropriate material and the body will stop building. But it will maintain strength. 

And that is something every woman wants.

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