Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mile High Mayhem!!

This week could not have come at a better time: I only had two trip planned this summer and both of them came during the 9 days we have off from the Hi-5 FitCamp! However, we will be staying active, which is what EVERYBODY should be doing during the week off from the Hi-5 Fitcamp.

I just got back from an extended weekend in Monterey for the MotoGP races which were awesome! Imagine a motorcycle that puts out over 200 horsepower being ridden 3 inches from the ground by a man weighing 140 lbs! It makes for an amazing spectacle.
Denver at Sunset
The next adventure is a trip to Denver in which we will leave on Thursday morning at 2am to get to our 6am flight out of LAX. Coffee? Please. Sugary donuts and other "breakfast" foods? No. I'll stick with my oatmeal, agave nectar and blueberries.

During our trip, we have a couple of hiking trips planned as well as lots of dancing as my sister in law is getting married! Will I eat cake? Yes. Will I eat deep fried hors dœuvre's? Probably not.

But this week is a time when I get to relax, spend time with my family and enjoy Denver and the surrounding communities. Also, on Saturday, the high temp is supposed to be 68!! Nice!

So for you lucky guys that get to stay here for the rest of the week and weekend, I would highly suggest spending some time in a swimming pool. Just get outside, enjoy the weather, play some water tag or perhaps a fun little game called "Sharks and Minnow's." Basically 1 person is a "shark" and has to try to tag the "minnow's" to get them to become sharks. It's a fun game and great exercise!!

If you're not up for that, perhaps a good old fashioned circuit might be more your type??

Try this on for size in honor of my trip to the Mile High City, it's Mile High Mayhem!!
Bear Crawls
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 bear crawls forward
  • 20 slalom skier jumps (side to side jumps like a skier; squat low on the landings)
  • 30 Mountain climbers
  • :30 high knee running
  • 30 bear crawls backwards
  • 30 Split Jumps
  • 40 Cross body mountain climbers
  • 40 snow angels (lie on your stomach and make snow angels with arms and legs off the ground)
  • 50 Smurf jacks (in honor of my friend Noah the Navy SEAL, who introduced these to me and is a Colorado native)  
  • 50 4-count body builders
How do you do a smurf jack? Squat as if in the seated position, put your hands behind your head, now do jumping jacks from this position squatting the entire time!!

Have fun with this circuit, I know I had fun creating it! I'll do it with you (but I will be a Mile High!!)

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